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Meeting introduction of tour guide
Introduction of guidance course
Let's walk Minamishimabara together
 Arima who opened Kuchinotsu Port as overseas trade port for the age of civil strife. Kuchinotsu who early European ship visited a shore, and was base of Western trade, important place of Christianity propagation of Japan. Castle town of Ko Hino that bloom opened katsu*, Western culture that book of first Japanese printing type was published by letterpress which Tensho era trainer Ou mission took home with him/her afterwards to Christianity prohibited religion. Chihara Castle of the end of revolt of Shimabara that is the biggest riot in Japanese history that led Japan to national seclusion. In here Minamishimabara-shi, tour guide shows around these history.
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Nagasaki and hiding Christian connection inheritance of the Amakusa district to world heritage
"The original site of castle" of Minamishimabara-shi that is constitution assets of "Nagasaki and hiding Christian connection inheritance of the Amakusa district." It is light of history of Christian of Nagasaki and witness of shadow, and this historic spot has value handed down as memory of the human until generation of children.

We look at site in "world heritage from Minamishimabara"

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